Helping women make their career change by discovering insights, developing behavioural strategies and achieving purposeful goals."

Michela Panici,  Life Coach


Work with Michela

I am working with women who have corporate career and they have got to a stage in their life where they have realised that this is no longer what they want to do, that maybe they were doing what they thought it was expected of them and they are feeling unfulfilled and unhappy.

When we worked together, I helped them figure out what they really want to do, to connect with their real purpose so they can feel happy and fulfilled.


I am a qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner and Master therapist.
What attracted me to start this empowering journey is the opportunity to not only improve my life, but to assist others to develop methods and insights for improving theirs. I believe that with a better understanding of self, discipline and the right tools, we can achieve a greater sense of self-worth, find our purpose, eliminate limiting beliefs and to live a fulfilled life.

My Journey

It began two years ago with a personal development course, where I discovered my aspiration and passion in working with people and my abilities in helping others getting connected with their real purpose and going on their own path to manifest grace and happiness.
I started this course because I realised that I didn’t want to live life on an auto-pilot mode with fear, anxiety and unhealthy thought patterns but I wanted to be 100% responsible for every decision I take, being the protagonist and creator of my own life.

After witnessing such a shift and progress in my life and with great lessons both from
personal experience and through the NLP and life coaching course, now I want to help people finding their real purpose, achieving their goals being in total control of their life in order to live a fulfilled and happy life.

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Michela Panici
phone: 07593143458
email: michelapanici@gmail.com

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